Student Information System

The complete student information system solution.

The core component of the SapphireK12™ system, Student Information System (SIS) is the most comprehensive web-based, enterprise-level SIS on the market.


Tracks basic and advanced demographic information, with the option to populate advanced data fields, eliminating duplication of student information across multiple databases.

Family management

Allows districts the flexibility to define families, assign family members and guardians, while automatically consolidating mailings, notifications and free-lunch eligibility.

Enrollment tracking

Tracks all students including those not currently enrolled in the district, to include cyber schools, charter schools, homeschools and pre-kindergarten.


Enables submission of daily or by-period attendance to administrators in real-time, with the ability to automatically generate customizable attendance notification letters that can be mailed or archived electronically in the Student Document Center for parent or staff viewing.


Supports multiple grading scales, giving administrators the ability to assign point values to various courses and groups, with automatic grade, GPA, Honors, and Class Rank calculations – as well as multiple customizable grading scales.


Provides teachers and administrators tools to report discipline incidents, assign penalties and maintain student discipline records, customizable to your district’s discipline process.


Tracks all historical student information including activities, sports, assessment scores, honors, special achievements, or any other items – customizable based on your district’s requirements.

Athletic eligibility

Tracks eligibility based on district criteria with variables for grades, attendance and discipline, with instant report generation through real-time integration with Teacher Gradebook and other modules.

Graduation progress

Ensures student, parent and teacher alignment with graduation requirements and enables students to easily track completed requirements, outstanding requirements and courses in progress.

Report cards

Generates fully-customizable, elementary report cards for Standards-Based Grading and Power Law grading scales, while providing detailed feedback to parents on their children’s progress at each grade level.

Student document center

Provides single-location digital document management and storage for all student documentation, automatically saving documents to the student records, and creating an archive of the student’s career to date.

Interactive scheduling and master schedule builder

Streamlines year-round scheduling, rotating time tables, real-time seat availability and scheduling conflict resolution for multiple tracks including summer school, and enables student-driven course selections. Existing master schedules can be rolled over or newly designed.

Communication manager

Tracks and shares all communications, phone contacts, meetings, referrals and notifications throughout the student lifecycle, helping to quickly identify challenges and opportunities to ensure every student has the support necessary for success.