Report Writer

Agile, easy and robust reporting.

Leverage the familiarity and all of the advantages of the Report Writer module in SapphireK12™. The Report Writer provides comprehensive, easy to use, interactive tools to create and customize reports to streamline and automate the reporting process within the SapphireK12™ suite of products to support accountability to standards. The reporting engine offers the full flexibility to customize reports, providing the opportunity to pick and choose from any data fields, sort sequences, and numerous choices of print formats.


  • Easy to use, interactive custom report creation. Include or exclude any data field from the centralized database, then run the selected report
  • Drag and drop data fields to include in a report
  • Save and publish ad-hoc queries, user developed reports, and custom report options
  • Choose report destination: Send it to a printer or save the output for later uses such as emailing
  • Export results of ad-hoc queries and standard reports for import into other packages
  • Modify pre-existing templates to use the same report for many different purposes
  • Output reports in many formats including PDF, web format (html), Excel (xls), csv, rtf, and txt
  • Compare all levels of reports to define groups within the division and to benchmarks from outside the division
  • Create longitudinal reports at the district, school, grade, teachers, and student levels