Special Services

Capabilities beyond traditional Special Education programs.

Special Services/IEP Writer integrates with the SapphireK12™ Student Information System Suite for centralized, real-time access to student information in a completely paperless environment with robust reporting capabilities. Drive funding and maintain compliance with changing regulations, while saving time, reducing errors, enhancing collaboration, and minimizing the burden of data entry.

Document creation

Allows school districts to easily create customized documents in Special Education, Gifted, Section 504 and RtII Programs, as well as create new programs directed at specific groups of students or the entire student population.


Allows instant access to caseloads for staff, individuals or district-level overviews of administrators. The dashboard adapts to individual users based on their caseload assignments, tracks due dates and alerts users when documents are due or outstanding.

Capabilities beyond Special Education, Gifted and Section 504 programs

Create and manage any student-based plan or program customized to meet individual student or district needs. Some examples of services include:

  • RtII: Response to Instruction and Intervention
  • SEP: Student Education Plans
  • IST: Instructional Support Team
  • B/Mod Program: Behavior Modification Programs
  • SIP: Student Intervention Plans
  • PBP: Positive Behavior Plans
  • SCP: Student Career Plan
  • CWR: College/Work Recommendation

State reporting

Generates comprehensive federal and state reports, including Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) reports and PA-based compliant documents for the Special Education and Gifted programs.

Skills tracking and progress monitoring

Includes data point collection, the ability to generate a baseline or target line and compare multiple students’ data. Robust graphing tools allow charting and graphing for any skill across one or more timeframes. An unlimited number of skills can be tracked simultaneously for any or all students over their entire career.


Fully-compliant PDE-approved formats for state controlled documents. Special Services/IEP Writer assists teachers and administrators in managing the student referral and evaluation process, track student records, and maintain historical information —producing compliant IEPs with PDE-approved formatting.

Program and document security

Provides flexible program and document security, allowing districts to set up user-specific access to programs and individual documents. Document-specific controls include reading, saving (writing), deleting, unlocking, finalizing, un-finalizing, document duplication (copy), and student-to-student copying. Any combination of program security, document security and document access can be customized down to the user level, or applied across groups of users.


Enables creation of any document and provides full customization with the ability to build the programs that meet your district’s needs. Allow document versioning, preserving documents in their original format, even as documents change over the career of a student. Allows program and document sharing between other Sapphire districts. All Special Education, Gifted Program and 504 Program documents have enhanced display, printing, and formatting capabilities — including the ability to add text, images, clip text (data banks), charts, and graphs to any “Rich Text Editor” field.

Document mapping utility

Allows the District to setup document creation from any document to any document within a program, saving time, eliminating redundant data entry, and ensuring data fidelity.

Flexible menus

Menus for all special services programs are fully customizable allowing districts to create the appropriate workflow for each specific program. Menus auto adapt to include all documents created and only display program documents the user has access to.

Quick look-up

Integration with all student information allows users to instantaneously access comprehensive information from any area of the Student Information System. Users can view attendance, discipline, contacts, student schedules, household information, grades, assessments, enrollment history, health alerts and much more. Special Services documents from any program can be made available to teachers, staff, nurses and administrators, with full visibility control on a document by document basis.