Notification System

Auto-messaging with no room for errors.

When it comes to student safety and security, there is no room for errors. The SapphireK12™ Notification System generates school district telephone calls, emails and SMS messages to students, parents and staff, utilizing the universal contact information that resides throughout all other components of SapphireK12™. This central database ensures your district’s messages are sent to the right contacts without the need to transfer data to 3rd party messaging systems. Our single-screen broadcast notification workflow is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand. It allows districts to get their message to individuals faster than ever before while allowing users to customize their preferences based on which communications they want to receive and how they want to receive them.

Save time

By converting to the SapphireK12™ Notification System from another provider, districts save time previously required for manual uploads, data re-entry, data syncing procedures, and manual data transfers to 3rd party messaging systems.

Save money

Converting communications previously reserved for mailings or student handouts to telephone, email and SMS messages provides districts with an opportunity to greatly reduce printing and mailing costs.

Avoid errors

Using real-time integrated SapphireK12™ data as the source for contacts receiving notifications, enables districts to avoid errors associated with sending information through third party systems.

Be supported

As with all of SapphireK12™’s software, the Notification System is fully supported by Sapphire Software. Whether we are responding to questions, providing technical support, creating efficiencies or just improving collaboration through communication, our team is available to you. Our Notification System is also backed up with a robust online resource center that contains video training, user guides, tips and sample messages.

Produce reports

The SapphireK12™ Notification System Dashboard allows administrators to view and graphically display broadcast totals, recent (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) activity, notification history, completed broadcasts, errors, and other metrics that can be utilized to optimize the district’s overall communication platform.


  • Real time, same day implementation with no disruptions
  • Fully integrated with the student information system, eliminating the need for manual data export, entry, syncing and transfer procedures
  • Contacts dynamically change whenever updates are made to the student information system
  • Unlimited number of district-controlled broadcast templates and distribution groups
  • Automated voice, SMS text and email notifications individualized by school
  • Unlimited ability for users to manage message delivery and language preferences
  • Complete integration with SapphireK12™ contact information
  • Parents are able to update phone, text and email by using SapphireK12™Student Data Verification
  • Staff are able to update phone, text and email by using any SapphireK12™module
  • Automated process of identifying incorrect or disconnected numbers
  • Ability to control messages remotely