School Nurse Health System

Complete web based health management system for schools.

The most technically advanced student health software available on the market today, School Nurse integrates with the SapphireK12™ Student Information System Suite and with any other student management system.

Appointment scheduling

Facilitates daily appointment scheduling, with condition-specific templates and step-by-step treatment guidelines for providing care or treatment.

Immunization tracking

Tracks when immunizations were administered to each student for state compliance. The system sends an alert when immunizations are required, refills are needed, or inventory is low. Nursing staff can indicate when immunizations were given to students, and whether immunization appointments were missed.

Medical conditions tracking

Displays specific health conditions via drop-down boxes, including the chronic conditions list with categories provided by the state for tracking medical conditions for the entire student body. The system facilitates student body health screenings by capturing all health data electronically. Conditions can be entered by start date with an optional end date.


Easily generate reports and screening referral letters by individual or group of students who passed, failed, have not been tested, need rechecks, or have been referred.

Student health alerts

Notifies staff when a student has a health alert with a customizable icon, sound or screen message, and includes a freeform comment area for entering information to describe the alert. Alerts can be flagged as confidential for viewing only by nursing staff.

Comprehensive reporting capability

Generates virtually any kind of customizable report or documentation needed in your district’s health or administrative offices as well as reports required by the state, including demographics, immunization, dispensed medication, referrals, special needs, year-end reports, complete health records, office visit schedules and event logs.

Referral letter generation

Generates customized referral letters that can be directly printed from the system.

System integration

Communicates directly with your district’s student management system to track, retrieve and update student health records, ensuring accuracy and eliminating duplicate records on multiple systems.


Track all student health history and visits, in real time and screen for height and weight automatically using percentiles, including BMI, with automatic identification of at-risk students.

  • Track and report on immunization schedules and status, with alerts that warn when immunizations are due, have been missed or when inventory is low
  • Automatically schedule daily medications, with alerts and warning to indicate when medications are below a specified quantity
  • Generate and print customizable reports for students, medications, conditions or districtwide health reports for state compliance
  • Customize and print immunization form letters, screening referral letters, emergency cards and other reports for a single student or group
  • View change history, including when and by whom a student’s health record was accessed or edited.
  • Fully compliant with FERPA and HIPAA standards