PA State & Federal Reporting

100% PIMS Compliant – Guaranteed!

SapphireK12™ provides a comprehensive collection of all PA State and Federal reports that adhere to all current regulatory mandates. Each report or export is specifically tailored to the federal or state specifications and are designed as “upload-ready” for ease-of-use.  SapphireK12™ is continually updating as new report requirements are published by the government.

Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS)

PIMS is Pennsylvania’s Department of Education (PDE) implementation of a statewide system to collect state and federal education statistics. The goal of PIMS is to enhance a school district’s capabilities to meet student-level data reporting requirements and provide robust decision support tools.

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Take the pressure off your district

Sapphire Software is recognized as the premier reporting solutions provider, the only truly Dedicated State Reporting Organization that remains a proactive participant on all communications, while maintaining direct contact with the PA Department of Education. We develop what we sell so we can provide customization options not available from other vendors.

Meet future state and federal obligations quickly

  • Ensure that the district is able to meet future state and federal obligations and quickly adapt and satisfy rigorous and ever-changing state reporting requirements – in minutes, rather than weeks or hours
  • Assurance and internal controls that guarantee all of your mandated submissions are error free and on-time
  • When requirements change, Sapphire Software immediately provides you with updates, support, and training
  • Priority development and quick deployment provide districts with more time for processing
  • Accuracy and on-time reporting that ensures districts acquire all of the funding they deserve

Sapphire Software’s support for PIMS

  • Provide PIMS specific solutions embedded into the SapphireK12™ Student Information System allowing users to maintain PIMS data fields as part of product.
  • Provide properly formatted upload files for direct submission to the PIMS system.
  • Provide specific documentation, training and support to ensure data completeness.
  • Attend PIMS meetings to stay abreast of any data, deadline, or process changes that can occur during and after the deployment of the PIMS system.
  • Support the school district during the submission windows to help isolate, identify and assist with understanding how to resolve PIMS related data issues.
  • Continue providing and supporting new PIMS requirements as PDE continues to make changes to the PIMS system.