Proven step-by-step implementation methodology.

SapphireK12™ offers a proven implementation methodology to move the customer through a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, milestone-based approach to successfully implement the SapphireK12™ software.

Our Implementation Philosophy

As you already know, or will soon know, Sapphire Software isn’t your typical company.  Sapphire Software is a client-centric company, a hands-on company, a take charge company, and a take responsibility company.  Let us explain:

At Sapphire Software we take our clients very seriously. Your district is not assigned a customer number or cryptic code when you purchase our software. Your district will always be known to Sapphire Software by your full district name. Sapphire Software didn’t sell your district a piece of software. Sapphire Software joined into a relationship with your district. We want to know your district culture. We want to know what drives your district forward. We want to join with your district in helping to reach your goals. We want to know what your district pains are and we want to help you to remove them. And yes, we want to share in your district’s successes, knowing that we were a part of your district’s plans to reach your district’s goals. We take our clients very seriously.

Sapphire Software offers a proven implementation methodology to move the district through a step-by-step, easy to understand, milestone-based approach to successfully implementing the SapphireK12™ product. Our implementation process maps out in detail the deliverables which must be accomplished before going live for a successful implementation.

Step-by-step methodology

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Project Management

Project kick-off

Sapphire Software and the customer project team kick-off the project with planning, goal and expectation setting

Project Plan

The project plan details the critical milestones, dates and resources

Project Structure/Goals Defined

Sapphire Software and the customer will define the project structure and set up the key success indicators

Go Live Cutover Plan

This plan defines the key tasks which must be accomplished prior to going live

Functional Consulting

Configuration Interview/Overview

Sapphire Software accomplishes initial configuration and set up of the software

Configuration Recommendation

Customer is interviewed to further analyze and understand the customer-specific setup and configuration options

Data Conversion

Data Conversion Specifications

For areas where Sapphire Software does not have standard utilities, the customer will need to provide specifications for data they intend to convert

Development Scope Complete

The development work in the project is determined and a scope document is completed

Data Conversion Mapping/Utility

Sapphire Software has some standard utilities to bring in customers legacy data

Data Conversion Utility Written

Sapphire Software will program data conversions should customers require data our standard utilities do not handle

Data Verification

Customer verifies all legacy data in the new system


Technical Planning Meeting

Sapphire Software’s IT Department will have a meeting with the customer to help define required hardware and servers in conjunction with a plan for installation

Hardware Ordering and Installation

Customer orders the hardware

Software Installation

Sapphire Software will install the SapphireK12™ on client’s hardware

System Administration Training

Sapphire Software will provide system administration training for the customer’s technical staff


Customer Core Staff Training on pre-configured data.

Customer Trained on Converted Data

Once the customer’s data is converted, we will help to train in this new data

End User Training

Customer is expected to provide their users with training prior to going live

On-Site Instructor Led Training

Virtual Classroom (Webinar) Training

E-Learning on Self-Paced Training


Go-Live is that point in the project where a customer cuts over and off their legacy system and solely uses their new Sapphire Software product


Post-Live consists of that time after Go-Live. Sapphire Software verifies the customer’s staff is sufficiently supported after Go-Live and will continue training on an advanced topic after the customer has had a chance to start using the Sapphire system. In addition, we expect and plan to provide the customer appropriate follow-up training


Milestone 1: Ready for First Training

This first milestone is a critical milestone for our customers as it includes all planning for the project. Any successful project always starts with Proper Expectations and Planning. This milestone may also include system installation and basic Sapphire software configuration

Milestone 2: Configuration Decisions Complete

The main components for milestone two are completing the Sapphire Product Configuration decisions and specifications for any development work. Sapphire Software will go through a detailed interview with the customer to ensure their set-up and configuration is understood

Milestone 3: Configuration Complete

In this milestone Sapphire Software requires that the Sapphire Configuration meets the customer’s needs and is complete

Milestone 4: System Integrated

Since Sapphire Software is a fully integrated system, testing the integration configuration consists of validating all components that work together

In preparation for going live we expect the new Sapphire Software System to be validated against a customer’s current legacy system. Key processes and reports are used as data points to match conversion and configuration completeness. One example will be to run new transcripts from both systems.