Curriculum Manager

Curriculum mapping, development and management.

The SapphireK12™ Curriculum Management, Lesson Planner and Assessment Tracker work together to bridge the gap between state standards and actual classroom practices. This tool provides teachers and administrators with a true framework to organize curriculum, instruction, assessment and reporting.

Extensive capabilities

Build curriculum templates, author curriculum, associate curriculum and courses with lesson plans, and create PDF’s of curriculum for use outside of SapphireK12™.

Completely customizable

The feature is completely customizable and able to replicate districts existing curriculum format and style. Use the PDE State format that is included or tweak and modify or design a district specific curriculum template.

Easy to use

This tool is easy to use – copy and paste from existing district curriculum or author curriculum using SapphireK12™’s rich text editor. Districts are able to incorporate PDE State Standards, Common Core Standards or district specific standards. Included with Curriculum Management is a variety of reports, allowing districts to quickly identify standards coverage, missing standards, and time on target for instruction.

Deep integration

SapphireK12™ incorporates deep integration that allows teachers to select standards to associate directly to courses and lesson plans. Add PDE State Common Core Standards to assignments and classify assignments as Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, or Skills Practice.

Test builder

SapphireK12™’s Test Builder allows homework, test, questionnaire, and assessment questions to include State Standard association down to the question level.