Communication Manager

Comprehensive, online communication tools.

The communication manager of SapphireK12™ tracks and shares all communications to help identify challenges and opportunities to ensure every child has the support necessary for success, all while providing a comprehensive audit trail.

All SapphireK12™ users are able to track communications. The Communication Manager is included in all of Sapphire Software’s applications including Student Information System, Learning Management System, Special Services/IEP Writer and School Nurse Health System. Leverage its integration to quickly identify opportunities and challenges, and evaluate past strategies to ensure every child has the support needed to succeed. School districts can track student communications – phone contact, schedule and document student meetings, and referrals to supporting resources, all while charting time spent with staff and students, across the student life cycle.


  • Tracks and shares phone contacts, meetings, referrals and notifications throughout the student lifecycle
  • Logs all student referrals, evaluations, services, meeting dates, points of contact and missed points of contact
  • Records notes, meeting times and summaries with staff, students, parents and administrators
  • Graphic display of all customizable meeting types by category and time
  • Sort and filter Communication Manager screens by date, student, category, referred by, and meeting types
  • Control access and visibility of department interaction and collaboration when helping students’ needs with intuitive security management
  • Produce metric graphs, reports and more!