Student Document Center

Single-source archive for student documents and
a key component of the Paperless Environment Initiative.

The SapphireK12™ Student Document Center provides single-location digital document management and storage for all student documentation.


  • Automatically saves and stores any electronic data or documents by student
  • Creates an archive of the student’s career to date: Progress Reports, Report Cards, Transcripts, Attendance and Discipline Letters, Enrollment Information, and any electronic data

Paperless Environment Initiative

  • This allows every document that you would typically send home during the course of the school year, or store in traditional files, to be electronically placed in a very specific destination in SapphireK12™
  • Archiving all of this data supports the administration to easily access or display on the Community (parent) and Student Backpack (students) portal(s)
  • Never again be caught off guard when a parent calls about a document that was sent home and no more searching through the filing cabinets! Any document can be displayed on the portal with an email notifying them that there is something to be reviewed
  • Save time, paper and postage!