Data Mining

In-depth reporting and analysis.

Representing a significant leap into next generation data analysis for school districts, Data Mining is a must-have core component of the SapphireK12™ line of solutions, putting in-depth reporting and analysis at your fingertips. SapphireK12™ Data Mining synthesizes data from any student assessment data source outside of the SapphireK12™ database, mapping causes, trends, anomalies and correlations for state-of-the art decision-making — from individual students to the district level.

Live data warehouse

All data is live with up-to-the-second refreshes, enabling all reporting to reflect the latest information entered into SapphireK12™, for access to all data, across all years, in real time.

Early warning system

Allows districts to develop a true early warning system that synthesizes student attendance, discipline, grades, assessment detail and any other data within SapphireK12™ to identify where interventions may be required, and to support increased graduation rates, achievement and community partnerships.

In-depth reporting and analysis

Allows in-depth reporting and analysis to support accountability required by Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards contained within the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Advanced users can build dashboards using drag-and-drop capabilities that enable ad hoc queries and reports.

Robust data processing

Leverage the data-agnostic structure that recognizes numbers, suggests predefined fields and remembers previous data input with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Interactive charts and data pre-sets enable users to drill down to student-specific data — all with no data entry required.

Auto data recognition

Identifies data elements and automatically assigns data types, improving data quality while reducing the amount of time spent importing any assessment data.

Assessment templates

Uses SapphireK12™ supplied assessment data configuration templates, which include a full definition of the columns and data types for an assessment without the need for user definition. Users can exchange assessment templates with any member of the Sapphire community, or deploy Sapphire-supplied templates from the Resource Center, maintaining standards, increasing consistency and reducing import set-up time.

Advanced filters and customization

Allows graph creation from larger to smaller scales, and the ability to make updates on the fly using pre-populated data. Change graph output for any segment of the population – with custom filters for class, grade level, school, gender and more.

Advanced analytical structures

Enables quick and easy analytics that would be too difficult or too costly using standard SQL-based query and reporting.

Teachers view

Enables teachers to apply data mining to individual classrooms directly through the Gradebook, with customized user security settings that enable viewing only by authorized users.