Online Student Data Verification

Parent-driven data update requests and a component
of the Paperless Environment Initiative.

“True-In-Process Data Validation,” SapphireK12™ allows districts to leverage the parents’ ability to input the data for you, maximizing everyone’s time, eliminating phone calls, post-its, and of course having to never again manually enter the data throughout the Student Information System. Once the change request is accepted, the information is disseminated and populated throughout the SapphireK12™ solution precisely where it needs to go.


  • Allows parents or guardians to easily request changes to student information: update phone, changes to emergency contact information or call order, health information by using SapphireK12™ Student Data Verification
  • Stop printing Student Data Verification or Emergency Cards and requiring Administrative Staff to manually input data into Student Information System
  • Online Data Verification/Validation also allows the district to create and add any type of online forms, taking the paperless environment to new heights