Powerful, flexible and intuitive scheduling.

Scheduling tools in the Student Information System (SIS) provide administrators the resources they need to handle every scheduling task from developing relatively easy elementary school schedules to producing complex high school schedules based on student course requests. The SIS Scheduling tools allow you to create course blocks and also use student team assignments for courses if these concepts are used in one or more buildings.

Scheduling functions assist in both the development of a master schedule for a new year, and in maintaining student and teacher schedules during the year. The Master Schedule Builder is a powerfully flexible tool that helps administrators make decisions about course, room, teacher, and student placement during the development of a master schedule.

The tools provide a simplified process of creating appropriate course sections based on course requests, section seat counts and other requirements. Course request can be entered directly through the SIS or can be collected through the online course request process in the Community Portal. A scheduling task checklist helps administrators monitor the various tasks associated with developing a schedule for a new year.
Maintaining student schedules during the school year is easy using the Student Schedule and Walk-In-Scheduler tools.


  • Adaptable to scheduling in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools
  • Supports all scheduling scenarios including blocks, teams, full year, semester, quarter or any duration courses
  • Allows administrators to easily mass assign multiple students to course requests or existing classes
  • Allows administrators to develop multiple potential schedules to answer “what if” questions
  • Shows seat counts and fill percentages with various potential schedules
  • Course requests may be entered on a student-by-student basis, by course, or collected from the Community Portal
  • Supports curricular alternate, priority alternate and direct substitute courses requests
  • Creates course sections based on the number of course requests, maximum and optimum seat counts as well as other requirements
  • Automatically creates student schedules based on student course requests
  • Uses priority-based alternate and direct substitute courses when building student schedules
  • Can automatically assign study halls
  • Walk-in scheduler makes creating a new student’s schedule mid-year a breeze
  • Easily add, drop, and transfer courses on student schedules during the school year
  • Changes to student schedules are immediately reflected in the Teacher GradeBook

Master Schedule Builder

SapphireK12™ scheduling tools are designed to efficiently and effectively work through the scheduling process. Scheduling decisions are based on available staff, room and student information. SapphireK12™ provides the opportunity to easily capture staff and room information. Student course request information is obtained either by direct entry of student requests or by leveraging the online capability of the Community Portal. The Master Schedule Builder is a very effective tool for producing one or more new master schedules. Alternatively, the system offers the option to use the previous year’s master schedule and applying the usual improvement touch-ups. The Master Schedule Builder has built-in monitoring of overloaded teacher and room assignments as well as the balancing of student course section assignments during the process of building a master schedule. Further, it provides a real-time, interactive decision-making process for selecting the best possible assignment of periods and terms, thereby minimizing conflicts in the students’ schedules.   


  • Schedule courses by priority
  • Course-block definitions
  • Properly place course “singletons” for student access
  • Analyze student course requests
  • Classroom size, type and usage
  • Course meeting patterns
  • Teacher assignments
  • Period lockouts for teachers, courses and rooms
  • Locked sections
  • Scheduling parameter filters defined by users
  • Create multiple masters for comparison
  • Avoid having certain courses in the same period
  • Overlay courses with the same period/teacher